Pine Stair Treads

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Size: 1000 x 270 x 22
Finish: Unfinished
Style: 10mm Groove

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Pine Stair Treads

Unfinished / Primed

22 x 270 x 1000/1500

10mm Groove

Modernise your staircase with the Pine Stair Treads, a versatile and elegant choice coming in at 22 x 270 x 1000/1500mm. Whether you prefer the natural allure of Unfinished pine or the ready-to-paint convenience of the Primed option, our Pine Stair Treads add a touch of character and lasting charm to your staircase. These particular Pine Stair Treads feature a rounded ‘bullnose’ along the front edge and are available in 10mm Groove allowing for a seamless fit with your 10mm thick risers. Choose the Pine Stair Tread for a durable, long lasting and visually stunning finish to your new staircase.