Alongside our vast collection of oak, pine and metal stair parts, we also stock a range of supplementary items to help you add the finishing touches to your new staircase installation. These products include adhesives, foams, lacquers and wax sticks.


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Semi Matt Lacquer
Semi Matt Lacquer Sale price£13.00
Wax StickWax Stick
Wax Stick Sale price£3.11

13 colors available

Fixing Foam Handheld
Fixing Foam Handheld Sale price£8.00
Fixing Foam Gun Grade
Fixing Foam Gun Grade Sale price£8.00
Mitre Kit
Mitre Kit Sale price£4.50
Matt Lacquer
Matt Lacquer Sale price£13.00
Silicone Sale price£5.00

2 colors available

D3 PVA Sale price£9.26
Bona Silane Adhesive
Bona Silane Adhesive Sale price£6.67
Bona Gap MasterBona Gap Master
Bona Gap Master Sale price£9.00

2 colors available