Pine Pigs Ear Handrail

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Length: 4200
Finish: Unfinished

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Pine Pigs Ear Handrail

Unfinished / Primed

Dimensions (mm): 90 x 32 x 4200

Our wall-mounted Pine Pigs Ear Handrail comes in a very distinctive shape as compared to other handrails. The dimensions of 90 x 32 x 4200mm ensure a seamless fit for various staircase configurations once trimmed down to the required size, offering a perfect fusion of style and functionality. This product can also be mitred, making it a perfect wall-mounted pine handrail for those staircases with turns. Whether you opt for the natural allure of Unfinished pine or the ready-to-install convenience of the Primed option, the Pine Pigs Ear Handrail adds a touch of character to your staircase.