Pine Colonial Spindle

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Size: 32mm
Finish: Unfinished

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Pine Colonial Spindle

Unfinished / Primed

Dimensions (mm): 32/41 x 32/41 x 900

The Pine Colonial Spindle makes for a timeless addition to any staircase. Whether you opt for the natural warmth of Unfinished pine or the ready-to-paint convenience of the Primed option, Mr Steps ensures you have the perfect part for the job, allowing for a seamless match with your existing staircase components. 32mm and 41mm variants are available, both of which measure in at 900mm in length. This ensures an exact fit no matter the staircase configuration you have, all whilst delivering the perfect fusion of traditional charm and functionality. Redefine your staircase with this finely crafted pine spindle and make a distinctive statement in your property.