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Colour: 109 - Light Walnut

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Konig 80mm Wax Stick

Suitable for natural timber and artificial surfaces. Ideal for filling pin holes and damaged edges.

109 - Light Walnut
110 - Medium Walnut
111 - Dark Walnut
140 - Natural Oak
141 - Light Oak
142 - Medium Oak
143 - Dark Oak
154 - Medium Beech
164 - Antique Walnut
203 - Pine
7040 - Window Grey
9003 - Signal White
9005 - Jet Black

Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your staircase and instantly touch up any minor scuffs and other imperfections with the Konig 80mm Wax Stick, a practical solution for natural timber and artificial surfaces. Designed to fill pinholes and address damaged edges, this wax stick is a versatile and effective tool for staircase maintenance. We stock a wide range of colour options including Light Walnut, Dark Oak, Jet Black, and more, giving you the flexibility to seamlessly blend repairs with your staircase's existing finish. The Konig 80mm Wax Stick is not just a solution; it's a precise and convenient way to maintain the integrity and appearance of your staircase. Ensure a flawless finish with this high-quality wax stick, offering both functionality and aesthetic enhancement for your staircase components.