Black Metal Square Straight Spindle

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Black Metal Square Straight Spindle finished with matte black powder coat.

1120mm length.

For use with brackets or into 12.5mm x 12.5mm groove.

Metal spindle with 30mm dowelled tubular top (diameter 12.5mm). Dowelled tubular section to be cut away prior to fitting if not required.

Sold as singles.

Revitalise your staircase with our Black Metal Square Straight Spindle, featuring a sleek matte black powder coat finish. These 1120mm long spindles are designed to be compatible with brackets or insertion into a 12.5mm x 12.5mm groove, guaranteeing effortless installation no matter which style you want to achieve.

These particular metal spindles are fitted with a 30mm dowelled tubular top (diameter 12.5mm). Tailor the spindle to your specific requirements by simply cutting away the dowelled tubular section on-site. Metal spindles are the epitome of modern elegance, helping to make your new staircase a true statement of sophistication within your home.